Not enough hours in the working week?
Need more time to focus on business growth?
Missing out on precious time with loved ones due to working on your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then read on – Now may well be the right time for you to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Not sure what a Virtual Assistant really is? Then check out this blog post –  A Virtual Assistant vs an Employee.

As Runner-Up for the UK Best Newcomer VA in 2018, here are my top 8 tips you need to consider before hiring a Virtual Assistant. (VA)

1) Identify the task(s) that you wish to outsource and potentially assign to a VA.

2) Just like when you consider employing a new member of staff – specifically identify any strengths, skills, industry or experience that you are looking for in a VA.

3) When you make contact with a potential Virtual Assistant, clarifying their fee structure (including discounted packages for regular work etc), their terms of business (including payment terms), and their skill-set, experience etc (be sure to check out existing client testimonials)

4) Paying lowest price may not always be the best option. Think about your own experiences of coming into contact with outsourced functions – local knowledge and compatible time zones can be more useful than you first think.

5) Consider all factors, for example, decide how you will stay in contact with your VA. Email, weekly calls, meeting in person and be sure to check how your VA works on a ‘remote’ basis.

6) Check your VA has appropriate insurances and fully understands any confidentiality or legal implications of the task you are delegating to them.

7) Ensure all of the significant facts and figures are agreed, recorded in writing and signed. A professional, experienced VA should have access to appropriate documentation and procedures to deal with this.

8) Treat your VA as a valuable extension of your team, don’t forget to praise them when appropriate – keep them informed about your business developments and they may be able to refer more clients or high-quality suppliers to you!

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